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Mapa oblastného riaditeľstva v Trnave

Bc. Milan Kubiček - OR Trnava

Bc. Milan Kubiček



Bratislavská 2/A, 917 02 Trnava

Tel.: 033 229 4266
E-mail: ORTT.sekretariat@zsr.sk

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Sídlo oblastného riaditeľstva v Trnave The Regional Directorate Trnava manages 1 015.696 km of tracks, of which 557.333 km are electrified, 541 railway crossings, 499 bridges, 11 tunnels, 2 701 switches. In its area, there are 892 buildings, which are managed by the ŽSR Property Management. The traffic control on 290 km of tracks is carried out from the traffic control centre Trnava and from the DOT (remote-controlled track) control stations, where 23 operating control points are served: Trnava = 5, Dunajská Streda = 9, Jablonica = 5, Nové Mesto nad Váhom = 4. The Regional Directorate Trnava has 18 separate railway stations, 109 non-separate operating control points affiliated to separate railway stations and 111 stops. The Regional Directorate Trnava has 9 border crossing stations and 5 exchange stations with neighbouring regional directorates.