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Mapa oblastného riaditeľstva vo Zvolene

Ing. Marian Izakovič - OR Zvolen

Ing. Marian Izakovič



M. R. Štefánika 295/2, 960 01 Zvolen

Phone: + 421 - 45 229 4002
Email: ORZV.sekretariat@zsr.sk

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Sídlo oblastného riaditeľstva vo Zvolene The Regional Directorate Zvolen manages 931.825 km of tracks, of which 104.893 km are double-track. 142.569 km long track section Banská Bystrica – Šurany is electrified by AC 25 kV 50 Hz traction system with a total construction length of contact line 376.405 km. There are 589 bridges with a total length of 5.925 km and 40 tunnels (more than half of all ŽSR tunnels) with a total length of 18.876 km on the lines. The Regional Directorate Zvolen has 14 separate railway stations, 65 non-separate railway stations, 13 overtaking stations, 2 border crossing stations and 161 stops. The infrastructure administration and maintenance is providing by 30 local administration and maintenance centres in the railway infrastructure, communication and interlocking systems and power and electrical engineering sectors.