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Internet services

Internet services

ŽT Internet is a product line of the Railway Telecommunications through which we offer you a symmetric high-speed Internet connection service. The products of the ŽT Internet product line bring a new, wider offer and, together with “other” services, offer greater connection options.

Products from the ŽT Internet product line are characterized by:

  • symmetrical nature of the connection
  • unlimited connection time
  • unlimited amount of transferred data
  • advantageous monthly flat flee

Offer of the ŽT Internet product line consists of:

Rail Access

  • symmetrical connection
  • aggregation 1:10
  • speed from 2 048 kbit/s
  • binding in months - 6/12/24
  • intended for end users
  • price from 9,69 € (11,63 € VAT included)  

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Rail Force One

  • symmetrical connection
  • aggregation 1:1
  • speed – by agreement
  • public IP – 1pc
  • binding in months - 6/12/24/other
  • intended for end users and for resale (ISP)
  • negotiated price

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 The data transport throughout the whole territory of the Slovak Republic within our network is included in the price of the connection.

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