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Data Center Services

Data Center Services

„Data Center Services“ are a logical and technological extension to the services of „Data Center – Housing services“, where over the summary of servers and other equipment physically and logically  linked, that serve for operation of selected application, automatic processing, storage and backup, “Data Center Services” are provided.    

Data Center Services:

  • management and operation of central servers,
  • management and operation of databases,
  • management and operation of information systems.

Support Services:

  • monitoring and control of operated applications,
  • solving problems and incidents through Hotline - Service desk 24/7.

At present, the provision of „Data Center Services“ and support services for operation is carried out for:

  • all information systems at ŽSR,
  • IS IKVC and other systems for ZSSK Slovensko a.s.,
  • ISP – Information system of operation and other systems for ZSSK Cargo a.s.