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Computer technology service

Computer technology service

Contractual service of computer technology = removing your problems + saving your costs

The rapid development of information technologies brings new opportunities for users to make their work more efficient, as well as increased demands on qualified system management. Sometimes a well-functioning system can be affected by a new virus or a sudden hard disk failure and associated very painful data loss. If not until then, at least at the moment it is necessary to consider how to prevent such situations.          

Managing your system through outsourcing

For a fraction of the costs you would spend on an internal employee, we offer you the management of your system through outsourcing – based on a service contract by which our company takes responsibility for 100% operation of your computer technology. It will get rid of your worries and save your energy you will be able to devote to other, more useful activities for you.

Optional range of services specified in the service contract:

  • management of local PC network and network connection - internet, email, ...
  • operational service and hardware upgrades – PCs, printers, monitors
  • regular prophylactic examinations to prevent later accidents and outages
  • ensure regular data backup and reliable antivirus protection of the system
  • consulting, solution design, regular information about IT news
  • delivery of expendable supplies for used equipment
  • service outside normal working hours, if required

Benefits for you

efficiency and reliability





lowering costs per employee, lower labour costs for contract customers = saving your costs, ensuring continuous operation of your system


service intervention in case of failure/outage within 2 hours, contract customers are favoured in performing service interventions


our technicians regularly attend trainings organized by manufacturers and distributors of equipment, they have the latest drivers and KNOW-HOW to ensure 100% quality of services provided