Exceptional consignments

A consignment is considered to be exceptional if its external dimensions, its weight or its properties give rise to particular operational difficulties for ŽSR. Transportation of coupled broad-gauge wagons on railway lines managed by ŽSR shall be performed under valid rules for transport of exceptional consignments (except wagons designated MC and MC-02). Such consignments can be transported only under special technical, technological and operational conditions set out by ŽSR - Directorate General.

The RU involved in transport of exceptional consignments shall follow provisions of UIC Leaflets 502-1 and 502-2 and the Regulation ŽSR Z 7 and Z 1 (Articles 1330-1345) which concerns negotiating applications for consent for transport of exceptional consignment and setting conditions for its transportation. The RU shall address applications for consent on exceptional consignment transportation to Department of Traffic Management of ŽSR - Directorate General (urmiza@zsr.sk).

Additional services related to transport of exceptional consignments shall be charged on the basis of "Guidelines for the provision of additional services to the RUs involved in transport of exceptional consignments using the railway infrastructure managed by ŽSR".

From 1 July 2017 ŽSR will accept only electronic form of application through the "Web form", which is located on the ŽSR website www.zsr.sk in the section "Railway Undertakings/Other services/Extraordinary consignments”. This new application form has a wider content and is more user friendly for both parties - the orderer of extraordinary consignment as well as the developer of permits for extraordinary consignment - URMIZA. In exceptional cases - technical problems - we will still accept the application on the prescribed form (in word, exel and .pdf formats).

Link on electronic form -  Web form :  https://aplikacie.zsr.sk/MizaFormular/

From 1 April, 2019, a unit price per hour of performance of a ŽSR employee (regardless of the type of position it is included) will be provided for the provision of additional services to the external environment within the entire network managed by ŽSR , amounting to EUR 21.60 per hour without VAT.

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