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from 14.12.2015 to 09.12.2017
Project Modern station - Press release
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Railways of the Slovak republic (ŽSR) on Wednesday, 5 August 2009, after successful internal preparation, are starting “Modern station” project intended to renew selected railway stations in collaboration with private enterprise partners. Starting with four railway stations for which the selection of partners for their reconstruction will be launched and public commercial competition will be announced are: Bratislava Nové Mesto, Prievidza, Trenčín and Žilina.

The project objective is to enhance travelling comfort and safety of travelling public and visitors to railway stations:

  • provide revitalization and modernization of railway stations,
  • advance towards the European standard in the sphere of comfort of provided services to customers,
  • offer better services towards main business partners – operators in rail passenger and rail freight transport and improve the quality of service towards public, travellers, on this basis higher interest in railway transportation as well as higher visit rate of railway station premises could be anticipated,
  • at the same time provide more cosy and pleasant environment to travelling public,
  • revive the surroundings of railway stations both in interior and exterior and in its immediate vicinity,
  • support the development of commercial activities in stations premises, using excellent location of these properties and high concentration of potential customers,
  • better utilization of premises,
  • decrease in cost of railway stations maintenance and operation.

Stations involved in the project should become a place which combines as comfortable travelling as possible and the best possible way of spending time while waiting for connecting trains. Our ambition is that railway stations become a meeting place and a place of pleasant in-station time.

Modern station project idea, revitalization of railway stations, originated in ŽSR at the beginning of 2007, but final decision to realize the railway station renewal through private funds came pursuant to the results of rigorous legal and economic analysis of realization terms of this project. After the decision had been taken, few-months preparation phase was intended to provide terms for announcement of public commercial competition on railway stations renewal. Competition is to set five parameters, whereby the total amount of resources invested is of paramount importance.

Private enterprise partners within the Modern station project should commit to realize railway station renewal through investments, whereby as a counter value for their investments they will get the right of long-term use of commercial premises within the revitalized station. ŽSR will not be the project investor. There is an intensive communication between mayors of participated towns and ŽSR to achieve the best possible cooperation and meet demands of all involved in to make new stations an asset for travelling public as well as for towns and its citizens.

Depending on project success, this model of station renewal should include more railway stations in the future. Private enterprise partners should be known by the end of 2009.

We will inform you about competition conditions and about further progress of Modern station project on our website and via commissioned project coordinator available by email:

Schedule of competition terms and competition model: Schedule of competition terms and its individual steps within public commercial competition is following:

  • competition announcement: 5 August 2009
  • competitor´s registration: until 17 September 2009
  • application assessment: 24 September 2009 (by this assessment the first part of contest will be finished – qualification)
  • submitting of competitive proposals: until 7 December 2009
  • assessment of proposals and signing contracts with investors is anticipated at the end of December 2009 or at the beginning of January 2010.


In case of further queries please contact:
Martina Pavliková, ŽSR Spokesperson,tel.: +421 903 244 460, +421 2 2029 7582,


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