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from 14.12.2015 to 09.12.2017
Media room - ILCAD 2011 Slovakia
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ILCAD 2011 Slovakia

Slovakia has been involved in the International Level Crossing Awareness Day - ILCAD 2011 for the third time in 2011. Organization of the event as well as in previous years was provided by Železnice Slovenskej republiky - rail infrastructure manager - in cooperation with its partners: Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, Railway Police of the Slovak Republic, Police Forces of the Slovak Republic, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and Air Transport Europe, Integrated Emergency Services and Fire protection and Emergency Unit of the Slovak Republic and Railway Fire Protection Services.
ILCAD 2011 in Slovakia was held under the auspices of Mr Ján Figeľ, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. 

Actions organized within ILCAD 2011:

1.       Simulation of a train-car collision at a level crossing. The collision involved a locomotive travelling at the speed of 25 km/h and passenger car Renault 21 occupied by two figurines. The action took place in the presence of Mr Ján Figeľ, Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, and Mr Ivan Uhliarik, Minister of Health. The media were invited to the scene to inform the general public about the action. The course of action was video recorded with eight professional cameras. DVD recording has been produced with accompanying subtitles in English and Slovak language. The video will be placed on ŽSR station screens, as well as on the website The DVD has been distributed to all participants, emergency services, and moreover ŽSR will provide the DVD within preventive-safety actions.
Following good experience and positive response in the Czech Republic, where the idea of single level crossings identification was implemented, Železnice Slovenskej republiky has decided to introduce the system in Slovakia. The aim of single identification of level crossings is to increase safety at level crossings through numbering them with an identification number allowing its unified, simple and unequivocal identification. Introduction of the system linked with Integrated Rescue System enables early suspension of traffic on respective track section in case of an exceptional situation such as an accident at a crossing or an obstacle blocking a crossing, etc., on the basis of received information about obstacles and thus preventing tragedies. ŽSR has planned to launch the system in 2011.

Each level crossing has been assigned its unique number in the form of SP0001, SP0002, etc. Each number is unique and immutable and is written in black characters on white, self-adhesive, reflex foil, which will be located on the back side of the road sign A26a, or A26b at level crossings with St. Andrew´s Cross and level crossings with mechanical gates. A person who sees an accident or a stuck car at a level crossing will call 112 to report on the actual situation:

1. Integrated Emergency System operator directs caller to announce the level crossing number on which the caller is situated.

2. Emergency system operator calls dispatcher according to the database and announce him a requirement for suspension of rail traffic.

3. Dispatcher according to database identifies specific level crossing and track section and perform necessary measures.

ŽSR has been intensively working on the preparation of the project. Project implementation is planned in the course of 2011. Specific date depends on negotiations with respective Public administration authorities as well as a technical and financial situation of ŽSR.

2. Checks at level crossings. Nationwide monitoring actions at fifteen selected level crossings were focused on obeying traffic rules and safety at level crossings. Elementary school children in reflex vests were handing out information leaflets promoting safe behaviour at and around level crossings.



3.    Posters and billboards. The educational-preventive campaign prepared by ŽSR in cooperation with its partners was also part of Level Crossing Awareness Day. In railway stations posters and leaflets „Safety at level crossings: Pay Attention, Don´t Run The Risk!“ were available, which comprise an overview of current legislation for the intersections between road and rail, as well as an illustrative description of level crossing signs, while promoting safe behavior at and around level crossings. Billboards Pay Attention, Don´t Run The Risk!“ were displayed in 30 locations in Slovak towns (the billboards are of the same appearance as the posters).



 4.    Exhibition “Memento 2011.” ŽSR in collaboration with the Transport Museum has introduced the exhibition called “Memento 2011“. The exhibition consists of 45 black and white photos (with identification data removed) in A2 format presenting actual accident scenes that happened at level crossings in the past years. ( The exhibition is running though the summer until the end of September 2011.




5.    Mascot, the Hedgehog - “Želko“. ŽSR in line with other European countries has chosen its mascot for actions related to safety at level crossings. The mascot is the railwayman hedgehog called – “Želko“.






6.     Educational-preventive action aimed at kindergarten and elementary school children. On the occasion of Level Crossing Awareness Day, employees of Communication Department of ŽSR and Safety and Inspection Department of ŽSR realized the educational-preventive activity in the united elementary school and kindergarten in Miloslavov. They explained in entertaining way to more than 100 children the basic terms and how to act safely at and around level crossing, what is allowed and what is not. Children watched the film – Oli´s Story, received information leaflets, mascot, reflex band and DVD „Oli´s Story. “




7.    The media and internet releases

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