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from 14.12.2015 to 09.12.2017
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B A S I C   I N F O R M A T I O N                                                F O T O G A L L E R Y   



 01. Project identification:


 Project title:
 ŽSR, Zvolen - Banská Bystrica, track electrification including pre-electrification modifications


 Approval deed no.:                                                                            Dated:
 2234/M-2005                                                                                      17 October 2005


 Intermediary body for the Managing Authority:
 Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic


 Final beneficiary:
 ŽSR (Railways of the Slovak Republic ), Bratislava


 Allocated funds:
 1,099,670,486 SKK
 Withdrawn funds:
 1,143,557,043 SKK


824,752,864 SKK


 State budget
274,917,621 SKK


 Own sources





 Consortium Zvolen - Banská Bystrica (ŽS Brno a.s., BETAMONT s.r.o., ELTRA s.r.o.)


 Project beginning:                                                                                            Planned project termination:
 11/2004                                                                                                               31/03/2007


 02. Basic facts:


The construction has a linear character with the total length of 21.125 km; it comprises the track section between Zvolen and Banská Bystrica and connects to the electrified track between Šurany and Zvolen. Construction of the traction overhead lines is the main part of the project. Track electrification included reconstruction or construction of new heavy-current distributors, safety installations, notification equipment, a bridge over the Hron River, modifications of passenger and technical buildings of railway stations, as well as construction of new united operation buildings servicing these installations.


As regards the regional development, the construction has impact especially on the increase of railway line effectiveness interlinked with reduction of harmful effects of transport (reduction of emissions and noise), shortening of journey time (by eliminating the need to exchange locomotives in Zvolen), and it creates conditions for further investments  - directly within railway transport (electrification of connected lines) or indirectly in the industry (establishment of new factories thanks to better transport infrastructure).


 03. Material performance as on 30 September 2007:


The project was launched into a pilot operation on 10 December 2006, and on 12 January 2007 the line was officially put into service for passenger transport. The project was finished on 31 March 2007 and is fully operational.


 04. Financial performance as on 30 September 2007:


 Total withdrawn funds:

 1,143,005,600.77 SKK




 State budget


 Own sources


783,515,221.29 SKK


 261,171,740.41 SKK


98,318,639.07 SKK


 % withdrawn of the total financial allocation:


 05. Proposals and measures:


ŽSR submitted an application for increasing of the funds allocated within the Application for Non-repayable Financial Contribution amounting to SKK 42,961,078.



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