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About us - Organizational structure
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Organizational structure

The managing bodies of ZSR consist of the Governing Board and Director General.

Managing board
The Governing Board is the top managerial body of ZSR. It is composed of nine members – six of them are experts from the transport sector, experts on finances, banking industry, economy and law, three members are elected representatives of the employees of the railways. The members of the Governing Board are appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, while three members are appointed or dismissed on the basis of a proposal resulting from voting of the employees.

Director General
Director General manages the overall activities of ZSR and is held responsible for its performance and results vis-à-vis the Governing Board. Besides, DG is a statutory body of ZSR – he represents the company externally and undertakes actions on its behalf in all matters if these are not subject to exclusive responsibility of the Governing Board or the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications.

Deputies director general
Director General is the head of the DG Division and has got four Deputy Directors General managing mandated activities and acting on his behalf to the specified extent. Each Deputy Director General manages departments and sections of ZSR falling within the scope of activity of his/her respective field of management.

ZSR is further divided into:

Railway infrastructure management and maintenance 

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